Friday, December 13, 2013

Sight Seeing

Yesterday we went sight seeing with Fruto. Is was so much fun. To start off the morning we went to get Pineapple. Then from there we went to Managua to a store to get coffee. Then to the Valcano. Witch was so cool. Then the Market. Witch was even more fun. It was cool to see all the things in the market. Then from there we went to have lunch at Crater Lake. Witch. Was so breath taking. Fruto took us by his farm and got us some oranges and coconuts. It was funny to watch Him try and nock a coconut out of the tree. To finish off the night we stoped to get Taco's to go and had dinner back at our room. It was a blessing to take a day and see the this of the beautful country.
Till next time

Jordan Paige

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