Friday, November 14, 2014

God's Blessings

I recently had the opertunity to travel to Texas with some friend. While their the speeker asked for people to share a story about a blessing from God Or a way that you had seen Him work in your life. I was planning not to share anything. I was thinking " no one in this room other then my friends know me and it not going to matter if I share a story or not. These people don't know me and I can't stand up their and share this with them. And how's going to know if I don't share."  
That was me fighting with the Holy Spirit. Then my friend turned around and said are you going to share something. The Holy Spirit is not a voice in your head that tells you what to do. The Holy Spirit is going to promt you to do things hat you don't want to do. You flesh and the Holy Spirit will have a fight. 
So the Holy Spirit won the fight. Witch is always a good thing. Right at the end the speaker asked if anime else had anything. I stood up and walk to the side. There are plenty of things that God has done in my own life, but for some reason the only thing that was coming to mind was the coat story. 

When I was four years old both my mom and dad got saved. The first thing that God started to work on in them was there finances. They had dete that they needed to get cleared up. And God also started your king on them to give a tenth of there income to God. It was November and my sister and I needed winter coats and there was no money in the budget for that. My mom said " Daryl the girls need coats and we are going to need to take the money from somewhere and make up for it somewhere else." My dad was like " Michelle we are going to pray and trust for coats."  A few days later a guy came into my dads work and said " Daryl have you seen Chuck?"  "Nope he's not here" " well that's a bummer I have some coat for his girl and I wanted to know if he wanted them. Hey Daryl don't you have two girl around the same ages as his?" " yes I do and I would love them" 
God provided for the need!!!

Why did the Lord want me to share that story? I was asking myself that question. Over the cores of the rest of the weekend every mom and couple others came to me and thanked me for sharing that story. Those people needed that encouragement. I needed to be reminded that God has always taken care of my needed. 

I would encourage you to share something that God has done in your life. I would also encourage you to listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. It never going to steer you the wrong way.